Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2015-2016 Curriculum Plans

So for this school year, we'll be using Sonlight's P4/5 Curriculum as our base for Princess's K4 year with Butterfly tagging along for read alouds and whatever else she's capable of participating in. We'll also be using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading with Princess. While technically she won't be in kindergarten officially until next school year, she knows all of her letter sounds and can pick out the first letter of most words by sounding it out. She still has trouble blending the sounds together, so I think that she's ready for some dedicated phonics instruction and that formal phonics (she's picked up letter sounds from alphabet books, Letterland songs, and Sesame Street and Super Why) will push her into reader territory. Jessie Wise recommends starting handwriting around lesson 115, so if we make it that far this year I'll probably add in the Zaner-Bloser K handwriting book. But that's only a future possibility since once we get through the letter sound lessons, I'm not sure how much we'll need to slow down. The rest of my at home academic plans are to work on some sensory activities, as well as working on the alphabet (she can mostly sing the ABC song, but not much recognition) with Butterfly as well as on counting, shapes, and colors.

We'll also be participating in the preschool class through the homeschool co-op at our current base, as well as we're members of a local Mom's Club that has park days and field trip type activities. Princess (she's in her third six month session) and Butterfly (who just started in July at the start of the current session) are both taking once a week dance classes at the Base Community Center. I'm a little worried we may have too much activity going on, but if we need to we can always stop the co-op class. I signed us up for co-op when I found out they were doing a preschool class since it will be a good way to connect with other military homeschoolers, and since we should definitely be in Nevada for Princess's official kindergarten and first grade school years I think getting involved with the Base group will be an asset especially since it's connected with the Homeschool PE class the Youth Center teaches. That starts next week, so we'll see.

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We're a military family, and while we're originally from North Carolina we currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Dad" and I have been married since 2006, and we have two daughters. "Princess" is four, and is our resident expert on all things fancy and royal; and "Butterfly" is two and is an expert on pushing limits and Daniel Tiger.

We're planning to homeschool partially because of not that great local schools, as well as thinking that as long as Dad is active duty not being tied to a traditional school schedule is what's best for our family for right now.

Homefront Homeschool is our record of our homeschooling journey starting with preschool for the 2015-2016 school year.